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When Coverage Begins

If you’re losing any other TRICARE coverage, including the Continued Health Care Benefit Program, you can request for your TRICARE Young Adult coverage to start immediately following your last day of coverage.

  • Mark your requested start date in Box 11 of the application.
  • Your application must be recieved within 30 days of losing your other coverage
    • Call your regional contractor within 30 days
    • Fax your application within 30 days
    • If you mail your application, it must be received or postmarked within 30 days

In all other scenarios, the option you choose—Prime or Select—determines your enrollment deadline and when TRICARE Young Adult coverage begins.

Prime Option

Your coverage begins the day the regional contractor receives your completed enrollment application.

Select Options

When you use Select, you can request your start date to be up to 90 days in the future.

  • Mark your requested start date in Box 11 of the application.
  • If you don’t request a specific start date, your coverage will begin upon receipt of your application. 

Last Updated 12/1/2017

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