US Family Health Plan

You can enroll in the US Family Health Plan if you live in an area in the United States where its offered. Go to or call 1-800-74-USFHP (1-800-748-7347) to see if you qualify. There are three ways you can enroll:

1. Enroll Online

2. Call the US Family Health Plan

You can call 1-800-74-USFHP (1-800-748-7347) to be routed to your specific site or call your US Family Health Plan Site directly to enroll:

  • Johns Hopkins Medicine: 1-800-808-7347
  • Martin's Point Health Care: 1-888-241-4556
  • Brighton Marine Health Center: 1-800-818-8589
  • St. Vincent Catholic Medical Centers: 1-800-241-4848
  • CHRISTUS Health: 1-800-678-7347
  • Pacific Medical Centers (Pacmed Clinics): 1-888-958-7347

3. Mail Your Enrollment Form

Select your enrollment form from the list below and mail it to your plan at the mailing address found on Page 3 of the form:

If you're not sure which plan to enroll in, contact a US Family Health Plan Customer Service representative by calling 1-800-748-7347.

Go Paperless!

If you’re registered on milConnect, you can sign up to get eCorrespondence. When you do, we’ll notify you by email when your enrollment is active.

Last Updated 10/19/2020