Qualifying Life Event?



You have 90 days after your activation date to change your family’s TRICARE health plan.

When you're activatedCalled or ordered to active duty service for more than 30 days in a row.:

  • You’ll receive the same benefits as active duty service members.
  • Your family also gets TRICARE coverage as active duty family members.

Activating vs. Mobilizing

  • "Activating" is not the same as "mobilizing." While you will be activated when you mobilize (or get ready to deploy), you don’t always mobilize when you are activated.

Do you have delayed-effective-date orders?

  • If yes, then you qualify for the early eligibility pre-activation benefit:
    • Coverage begins up to 180 days before you report to active duty
    • Includes pharmacy and dental care
    • Family members are also covered during this pre-activation period
    • Benefits continue when active duty service begins
    • If you don't meet early eligibility requirements, coverage for you and your family begins on the first day of your orders

Your Health Plan Options

When you get to your final duty station, you'll enroll in a TRICARE Prime plan.

Your Family's Health Plan Options

Family members may be able to enroll in a Prime plan depending on where they live.  They can also use:

If your adult child uses TRICARE Young Adult, their coverage won’t change when you activate.

Are you currently using TRICARE Reserve Select?

TRICARE Reserve Select coverage ends when you activate.

  • You'll get a refund for premiums you paid for coverage after your activation date.
  • You can purchase TRS again when you deactivate, if you still qualify for it.

Dental Coverage

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Having a Baby Getting Married
Moving Getting Divorced
Becoming Medicare Eligible Going to College
Child Becomes an Adult Losing or Gaining Other Health Insurance
Death in the Family Moving When Deployed
Injured on Active Duty Deactivating

TRICARE QLE Knowledge - Activating
When you are activated, you will receive the same benefits as active duty service members and your family also gets TRICARE coverage as active duty family members.
Are you a Federal employee?

If you're enrolled in the Federal Employee's Health Benefit Program and called to military duty, you may be able to continue coverage or elect to drop the coverage. >>Learn More about Coverage for Civilian Employees Called to Military Duty 

Last Updated 6/12/2023