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Did you know that military hospitals and clinics come with a support staff of people? They can help you navigate the health care process. These include Patient Advocates, Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinators, and Debt Collection Assistance Officers. You can find them at military hospitals and clinics worldwide. Who you contact depends on the type of question, issue, or concern you have.

Use our Military Health System Customer Service Community Directory to find customer service staff at your military hospital or clinic.

Note: If your location doesn’t have a BCAC or DCAO, you may get help from the closest one to you.

Search Tips When using Search by Location:
  • Select the country or state(s) where you are looking for help.
  • The default search includes both benefits and debt collections help.
  • The results first list customer service staff for the country or state you selected (if available). Additional staff for the same region(s) show below those results.
When using Search by Keyword:
  • Enter part or all of the base/post, clinic/hospital, or customer service staff name in the field. Possible search options will appear as you type.
  • To search for a phrase, enter the words in order (e.g. army health clinic).

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Last Updated 7/11/2024