Ending TRICARE Retired Reserve Coverage

Your coverage may end for a number of reasons, both voluntary or involuntary.

  • When coverage ends, excess premium payments are refuned.
  • When a sponsor's coverage ends for any reason, family members' coverage also ends.

Voluntarily End Coverage

You may choose to end TRICARE Retired Reserve coverage at any time. You may end the entire plan or coverage for an individual family member. Take the following actions to end your coverage:

  1. Log on to milConnect and follow the instructions to "Disenroll"
  2. Complete the Reserve Component Health Coverage Request Form (DD Form 2896-1)
  3. Print and mail your completed form to your regional contractor.

You will not be able to purchase TRICARE Retired Reserve again until the next open enrollment season.  

Don't Just Stop Making Payments

If you don't follow the correct steps to end your coverage and you simply stop making premium payments, your coverage ends. However, you're still responsible for any premium amounts that are due.

Note: If you lose coverage due to non-payment of monthly premiums, you don't qualify to purchase the CHCBP.

Change in FEHB Eligibility or Enrollment

  • Follow the steps above to end your coverage if you become eligible for or enrolled in the FEHB program.
  • No purchase lockout will apply.
  • If you fail to end coverage as required, your Reserve component may drop your coverage, and you'll be responsible for any health care received after date your coverage ended.

Failure to Pay Monthly Premiums

Premium payments are due no later than the last day of the month for the next month's coverage. Failure to pay overdue premium amounts will cause your coverage to end and you will not be allowed to purchase TRICARE Retired Reserve again for one year.

Change in Status

If you are ever recalled to active duty service for more than 30 days, you and your family become eligible for non-premium TRICARE plans (e.g., TRICARE Select). If this happens, your coverage automatically ends and any unused premiums are refunded. The 12-month purchase lockout does not apply.

Gaining Eligibility for Other TRICARE Coverage at Age 60

Your coverage automatically ends when you reach age 60 and begin drawing retired pay. You (and your family) become eligible for any of the following TRICARE health plan options:

Last Updated 6/3/2019