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Split Enrollment

All members of a family do not have to enroll in the US Family Health Plan. The split enrollment feature allows families living in separate US Family Health Plan locations to enroll in the US Family Health Plan together and continue to pay a single enrollment fee (when applicable).  

Split enrollment also allows for some family members to enroll in the US Family Health Plan and others to enroll in TRICARE Prime and pay a single enrollment fee if they live in an area where the US Family Health Plan is not available.

Key Points to Remember

  • Families with college students, children living with former spouses or families otherwise separated can enroll together in separate regions.
  • You can split your enrollment with another US Family Health Plan provider or with TRICARE Prime.
  • Active duty families are not required to pay enrollment fees, but they can still enroll in separate locations.
  • Retiree families have only one enrollment fee and one enrollment anniversary date.  Enrollment fee bills/statements are sent to the primary payer (usually the sponsor).

Last Updated 12/17/2015

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