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Emergency Procedures in Place for Hurricane Michael
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Life Events

Learn more about Qualifying Life Events.
They can trigger a change in your TRICARE benefit.

Retired Service Members and Their Family

You can transfer your TRICARE Prime coverage as long as TRICARE Prime is available in your new location.

  • You can only do two enrollment transfers each enrollment year
  • The second transfer must be back to the original enrollment region
  • Remember to also transfer your payments if you're changing regions/contractors

Moving within the Same TRICARE Region

Moving to another TRICARE Region in the United States

If you Move to a Prime Service Area

Call your new regional contractor to transfer your TRICARE Prime coverage after you move:

You can also transfer your enrollment online or through the mail, but calling is the easiest and fastest way

If you Move to a Designated US Family Health Plan Location

If you Move to a Remote Location 

  • You’ll need to disenroll from TRICARE Prime 
  • You'll need to enroll in TRICARE Select 

Moving Overseas

When you move overseas, your only option is to enroll in TRICARE Select. You'll get care from any overseas provider. To find an overseas provider, search the overseas provider directory

If you have questions, call International SOS or visit a TRICARE Service Center.

Last Updated 9/13/2018