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Emergency Procedures in Place for Hurricane Michael
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Life Events

Learn more about Qualifying Life Events.
They can trigger a change in your TRICARE benefit.

Active Duty Survivors

You can transfer your TRICARE Prime coverage when you move. For surviving spouses, your options depend on when your sponsor died. >>Learn More

Moving Within the Same TRICARE Region

Moving to Another TRICARE Region

If you Move to a Prime Service Area 

Call your new contractor to transfer your TRICARE Prime coverage:

If you Move to a Remote Location 

You might be able to transfer to TRICARE Prime Remote.
  • Surviving spouses:
    • You can use TRICARE Prime Remote for the first three years after your sponsor’s death.
    • After three years, you can enroll in TRICARE Select
  • Surviving children:
    • Your benefits for surviving children don’t change after three years.
    • You can transfer their coverage to TRICARE Prime Remote at any time.
  • Call your regional contractor to transfer to TRICARE Prime Remote

If you Move to a Designated US Family Health Plan Location

  • You can transfer to the US Family Health Plan.
  • If you decide not to transfer to the US Family Health Plan, you can disenroll and enroll in TRICARE Select anywhere in the U.S.

Moving Overseas

If you move overseas, call International SOS to learn your options and transfer your coverage.

Last Updated 12/5/2017