Line of Duty Care

You may qualify for line of duty care if you get or worsen an injury, illness, or disease while in the line of duty.

The line of duty includes:

  • Active Duty Training (ADT),
  • Inactive Duty Training (IDT),
  • Drill weekend, or
  • Any other training while on orders.

It also includes the time when you are traveling directly to or from your place of duty.

To get line of duty care, you’ll need either:

  • A Line of Duty (LOD) determination, or
  • A Notice of Eligibility (NOE) if you're in the U.S. Coast Guard).

You’ll need a LOD or NOE if:

  • You were injured or got sick while on a drill weekend or annual training, and
  • You received emergency or urgent care.

Getting a LOD/NOE determination means you’ll be able to access your health care in these cases. These notices are what prove your eligibility and manage your line of duty care while you’re serving on drill weekends or during annual training.

LOD/NOE coverage is separate from any other TRICARE coverage. That means it is different from:

The Affordable Care Act doesn’t consider line of duty minimum essential coverage. If you have no other TRICARE coverage (like TAMP, TRICARE Reserve Select, etc.), then you don't have minimum essential coverageBasic health care coverage that meets the Affordable Care Act requirement..

Submit your claims for line of duty medical care to your regional contractor. >>Learn More

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The Active Duty Dental Program provides line of duty care. >>Learn More

Note to Air Force Reservists: A military hospital or clinic can verify your eligibility for LOD care. Call the Air Force Reserve Command toll-free at 1-888-577- 2561, option “3” from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm ET, Monday – Friday.

You’ll need to provide your full Social Security number.

Last Updated 10/11/2022