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Line of Duty Dental Care

You may qualify for dental care when an injury or illness occurs during active duty status that requires dental treatment. You must have LOD/NOE determination approval from your unit signed by your commander or designated representative.

Send the LOD/NOE documentation to the Active Duty Dental Program contractor, United Concordia, in one of the following ways:

United Concordia Companies, Inc.
P.O. Box 69431
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9430

United Concordia decides if dental coverage is authorized, and if so, tells you what treatment is covered. You are only eligible for treatment for the injury or illness covered under your LOD/NOE determination.

You are not authorized dental care until you are notified that your LOD/NOE determination is approved. If you seek care without approval, you will be responsible for the bill.

If you think you have a dental emergency that cannot wait for the appropriate review and authorization, please contact United Concordia at 1-866-984-2337. To learn more, contact United Concordia or view the Line of Duty Dental Care Flyer.

Last Updated 12/15/2015

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