Dental Options

Your dental options during the 180-day TAMP period are based on who you are and the reason you're covered by TAMP.

Active Duty Service Members

Active duty service members who qualify for TAMP remain eligible for dental care at military dental clinics during the TAMP period if space is available.

You don't qualify for the TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program during the TAMP period.

Active Duty Family Members

Active duty family members who are already enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program, remain eligible until their eligibility for TRICARE is lost upon the sponsor's final separation date.

  • You must continue to pay your premiums until the coverage ends.
  • If you weren't enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program before the sponsor qualified for TAMP, you can't enroll now.
  • You may qualify for some care in military dental clinics.
  • Check with your local military dental clinic for details.

National Guard/Reserve MembersIncludes members of the:
  • Army National Guard
  • Army Reserve
  • Navy Reserve
  • Marine Corps Reserve
  • Air National Guard
  • Air Force Reserve
  • U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

If you served on active duty for more than 30 consecutive days in support of a contingency operation and are now covered by TAMP, then you remain covered by active duty dental benefits until the 180-day TAMP period ends.

  • You will continue to get dental care at military dental clinics and through the TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program.
  • All orthodontics, implants, and certain complex treatments must be completed within the TAMP period.

Please Note: The TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program is only available in the U.S. and U.S. Territories. If in other overseas areas, you'll get dental care at military dental clinics during the TAMP period.

When TAMP ends, you can enroll in the TRICARE Dental Program.

  • If enrolled before you were activatedCalled or ordered to active duty service for more than 30 days in a row., your TRICARE Dental Program coverage will automatically resume, and you'll start paying your monthly premiums again.
  • If you weren't enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program before, you can do so at anytime.

Family Members of National Guard/Reserve Members

You qualify to purchase the TRICARE Dental Program:

  • Any time before your sponsor is activated,
  • While he/she is activated,
  • During the TAMP period, or
  • Any time after the TAMP period ends

Your enrollment is separate from your sponsor's and will be uninterrupted when your sponsor is activated or deactivated. If not already enrolled, you can enroll at any time. >>Learn More

Last Updated 9/30/2013