Chiropractic Health Care Program

The Chiropractic Health Care Program covers chiropractic careUsed to treat pain in your back, neck, arm or leg joints, and headaches. It focuses on the power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery. at designated military hospitals and clinics for:

  • Active duty service members
  • ActivatedCalled or ordered to active duty service for more than 30 days in a row. Guard/Reserve members

All other beneficiaries can be referred to non-chiropractic health care services (e.g., physical therapy or orthopedics) or can get chiropractic care in the local community at their own expense.

Getting Chiropractic Care

  • Your primary care manager (PCM) decides if chiropractic care is required. 
  • You'll be screened to rule out any medical conditions that would prohibit chiropractic care. 
  • If appropriate, your PCM will refer you to a chiropractor for treatment.
  • Your PCM decides on the duration and frequency of chiropractic services.

If you get chiropractic care from somewhere other than one of designated locations, its not covered.

Last Updated 3/21/2023