Filling Prescriptions

TRICARE has four pharmacy options. Each option is available worldwide, but there are some limits overseas. 

In addition, you may be able to get your prescriptions from a non-network pharmacy.

You'll need a written prescription and valid uniformed services identification card to fill your prescriptions. In most cases, your provider can send your prescriptions electronically.

You can search the TRICARE Formulary to:

  • See where you can get your prescription filled
  • See how much it costs
  • See if your prescription needs prior authorization
  • Look up the medical necessity criteria
  • Get the prior authorization and medical necessity forms for your prescription

There are specific rules for filling prescriptions for certain types of drugs. Learn more about filling prescriptions for these drugs:

Changes to TRICARE Retail Network Pharmacies
Starting Dec. 15, 2021, CVS Pharmacy has joined the TRICARE network. At the same time, Walmart, Sam's Club, and some community pharmacies are no longer in the network. >>Learn more

Quantity limits vary by type of pharmacy:

Exceptions can be made if your provider establishes medical necessity.

Did you know?

We use an automated tool to check all prescriptions filled through the military, home delivery, or at a network pharmacy against your TRICARE prescription history. Doing this reduces the likelihood of bad drug interactions and reduces duplicate treatments.

Last Updated 11/29/2021