Health Matters (East) Newsletter: 2023—Issue 3

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This quarterly newsletter provides information about your TRICARE benefit. This stateside edition contains information specific to beneficiaries living in the East Region. Check the map to find your region.

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Issue 3 | 2023


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Do I need to reenroll in my TRICARE health plan every year? 

No. If you don’t want to change your plan, you don’t have to do anything. Your current plan continues next year if you remain TRICARE-eligible. If you have a TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Select plan, you can change plans during TRICARE Open Season or when you have a Qualifying Life Event. The next TRICARE Open Season is Nov. 13 to Dec. 12. Changes you make during this open season will be effective Jan. 1, 2024.


Open season doesn’t apply to TRICARE For LifeTRICARE Reserve SelectTRICARE Retired Reserve, and TRICARE Young Adult. It also doesn’t apply to active duty service members.

How do I know which beneficiary group I’m in?

Your group depends on your sponsor’s enlistment or commission date. If your sponsor enlisted or was commissioned:

  • Before Jan. 1, 2018, you and your sponsor are in Group AIf you or your sponsor’s initial enlistment or appointment occurred before January 1, 2018, you are in Group A.
  • On or after Jan. 1, 2018, you and your sponsor are in Group BIf you or your sponsor’s initial enlistment or appointment occurs on or after January 1, 2018, are in Group B.

Group A and Group B have different enrollment fees and out-of-pocket costs. Check out the Compare Costs tool to view your costs.


What's the difference between MHS GENESIS Patient Portal and TOL Patient Portal?

The Department of Defense has nearly completed deployment of MHS GENESIS, the new electronic health record. The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal is replacing the legacy TOL Patient Portal. Over the past several years, the TOL Patient Portal has been phased out. By early 2024, all military hospitals and clinics worldwide will use the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal.

With the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal, you can make appointments, view your health information, send messages to your military health care team, request prescription renewals, fill out specific forms in advance, access a health library, and more.


Did you miss a recent TRICARE webinar? You can now find recordings, transcripts, and more at TRICARE Webinars. Check out the new page to learn more about your TRICARE pharmacy benefits, TRICARE For Life, and other topics.

If you have a major life change, like moving or getting married, you may be eligible to make changes to your TRICARE health plan. TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Select plans let you enroll or change health plans when you or a family member has a Qualifying Life Event. Go to Qualifying Life Events to learn more.

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