Giving Birth or Adopting

Event: Qualifying Life Event?
Giving birth or adopting


Stateside:You have 90 days from your child's birth, adoption, or court appointment to register the child in DEERS and enroll the child or make any eligible enrollment changes.

Overseas: You must first register your child in DEERS within 120 days from your child's birth date or the date of adoption. Once you register them in DEERS, you then have 90 days to enroll in or change a TRICARE health plan. 

Planning for a child is a fun and exciting time in your life. While birth and adoption are QLEs, pregnancy is not. Learn more about your TRICARE coverage during pregnancy and after, and don't forget to enroll your child in DEERS.

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Don't let your child lose TRICARE!

Register your child in DEERS, choose a TRICARE plan, and enroll (if required).  >>Learn More

Last Updated 6/12/2023