Retiring from Active Duty

When you retire due to an injury or otherwise, you may be eligible for health benefits through TRICARE and Veterans Affairs (VA).

TRICARE Retirement Benefits

When you retire from active duty, you and your family stay eligible for TRICARE benefits. But your program options and costs may change. >>Learn More

VA Retirement Benefits

TRICARE may be your main source of health care coverage.  But you may be eligible for certain VA health benefits along with your TRICARE.  You can learn more about using a VA TRICARE network provider by asking:

  • Your regional contractor, or
  • The TRICARE representative at your local VA facility

Keep in mind:

  • Many VA facilities are TRICARE network providers
  • If eligible, you can receive care under either TRICARE or VA
  • Once you begin a treatment, you must continue to get care under that same program until the end of that episode of care
  • There is no coordination of benefits between TRICARE and VA
  • The rules and costs for each program you choose will apply

Temporary and Permanent Disability Retirement Lists

If You Get Put On Then You Are And
Temporary Disability Retirement List A TRICARE-eligible retiree
  • You can get TRICARE Select
  • You can enroll in TRICARE Prime if it is available in your area
Active Duty Orders for Evaluation Again considered active duty
  • You must go through the military treatment facility where you are being evaluated
  • You may also be eligible for VA care
Permanent Disability Retirement List A TRICARE-eligible retiree
  • You may also be eligible for certain VA benefits

>>Learn More

Last Updated 11/28/2017