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Life Events

Learn more about Qualifying Life Events.
They can trigger a change in your TRICARE benefit.

Separating from Active Duty

You and your family may be able to get additional benefits once you separate from active duty.

Transitional Health Care Benefits

Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP):

  • 180 days of transitional health care benefits
  • If you qualify, the 180-day TAMP period begins when the sponsor separates
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Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP):

  • A premium-based, temporary health care program
  • 18-36 months of coverage after TRICARE eligibility ends
  • If you qualify, you can purchase CHCBP within 60 days of loss of eligibility for either regular TRICARE or TAMP coverage
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Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits

You may be eligible for VA benefits, if you

  • Serve on active duty, and
  • Receive an honorable discharge or release from service, or
  • Are a National Guard or Reserve member called to active duty by federal executive order

Did you serve on active duty in a theater of combat operations after November 11, 1998?

  • You’re eligible for 2 years of no-cost health care for conditions related to your combat service.
  • Your care begins on the date you separate from active duty.
  • At the end of 2 years, VA will assess your eligibility status.
  • Some family members may be eligible for health benefits from the VA.

You can apply for VA health benefits:

Visit for more information.

Affordable Care Act Requirements

While covered by TRICARE, you have minimum essential coverageBasic health care coverage that meets the Affordable Care Act requirement. you need under the Affordable Care Act. When you lose TRICARE, you'll lose that required coverage and you'll need to make some decisions about your health care.

  • If you have TAMP, you have minimum essential coverage for 180 days after TRICARE ends
  • If you purchase the CHCBP, you will have minimum coverage for 18-38 months after TRICARE or TAMP ends
  • If you qualify for VA benefits, you might have minimum essential coverage. Check with the VA for details
  • If you have employer-sponsored health insurance when you separate, you'll have minimum essential coverage
  • If you don't have TAMP, the CHCBP, VA or other insurance after these benefits end, search the Health Insurance Marketplace to find civilian health coverage

Last Updated 1/13/2016