Back to School

Back to school health and safety checklistTRICARE can help get your child ready for school in the following ways.

School Physicals


Most schools require up-to-date immunizations. Be sure to check your school district’s rules and requirements. TRICARE covers age-appropriate doses of vaccines.

  • You can get required vaccines from any TRICARE authorized provider.
  • Many are also available at participating retail network pharmacies.

Vision Check-Ups

It's a good idea to get eye exams before school begins.

  • Children of active duty service members can get annual eye exams
  • Children of retired service members with TRICARE Prime can get eye exams every two years 

Dental Check-Ups

TRICARE offers dental coverage through the TRICARE Dental Program (active duty or Guard/Reserve sponsor). You can enroll your children at any time.

Preparing for First Week Jitters

Some children are excited to get back to school with their friends.  But for others, it can be overwhelming.

  • Many children may be nervous or scared about meeting new friends and teachers.
  • Others may be heading to a new school because they are entering a new grade or because they have moved.

It's important to make sure your kids are adjusting. Usually, these feelings subside quickly as kids get involved in school. TRICARE covers mental health services for kids and families who may need some extra help adjusting. >>Learn More

Make Healthy Choices Daily

You can help your children make healthy choices each day:

  • Sign up for an individual or team sport, dance or other activity to keep active. Check out resources in your local community.
  • Get a full night's sleep. Kids need more than you think. >>Learn More
  • Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch.
    • Many schools offer breakfast if you can't make it at home. Check with your school for details.
    • Review your school's meal calendar or pack a healthy lunch with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Going to College

Children can get TRICARE while enrolled in college until their 23rd birthday or until they graduate, whichever comes first. After that, children may qualify to purchase TRICARE Young Adult. You must enter your child's 'student status' in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System(DEERS) A database of information on uniformed services members (sponsors), U.S.-sponsored foreign military, DoD and uniformed services civilians, other personnel as directed by the DoD, and their family members. You need to register in DEERS to get TRICARE. (DEERS) to remain eligible past age 21. Check with DEERS to see what information is needed.

Health care options for college students depend on where their school is. >>Learn More

Last Updated 6/6/2019