Medicare-Eligible Beneficiaries

You must have Medicare Part B if:

  • You're eligible for Medicare, and
  • You turned 65 on or after April 1, 2001

If you don’t enroll in Medicare Part B, you can only get your prescriptions filled at military pharmacies.

Medicare Part D

Medicare's prescription drug plan, Medicare Part D, is available to anyone who's eligible for Medicare Part A or Part B.

TRICARE is Creditable Coverage

TRICARE is creditable prescription drug coverageClick to closeCoverage that pays at least as much as Medicare's standard prescription drug coverage.. This means you won’t pay extra if you decide to enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan after your Initial Enrollment Period.

When you become eligible for Medicare Part D:

  • You'll receive a letter in the mail. 
  • It will explain how your TRICARE prescription drug plan works with Medicare Part D.  
  • Please keep this letter for your records.  
  • You may need it to show that you don’t have to pay extra if you decide to enroll in Medicare Part D. 

Medicare Part D Not Required

You don't need to enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan to keep your TRICARE benefits. For most TRICARE beneficiaries, there is almost NO advantage to enrolling in a Medicare prescription drug plan. Before deciding whether or not to enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan, you should compare it with your TRICARE prescription drug plan. Be sure to compare:

  • Monthly premiums
  • Deductibles
  • Co-pays
  • Drug coverage

If you do decide to enroll in a Medicare prescription drug plan:

  • TRICARE will pay second after Medicare
  • You can enroll during your Initial Enrollment Period or the Open Enrollment Period each year 
  • The Open Enrollment Period is October 15 to December 7th, with prescription drug coverage beginning the next January 1st

For More Information

Note: Beneficiaries who live overseas (non-U.S. territories) or who are in prison aren’t eligible for Medicare Part D.

You may want to consider Medicare Part D ...

If your income is limited, you may qualify for extra help with costs. You may benefit by enrolling in a Medicare prescription drug plan.  Call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-888-633-4227) for more information.

Last Updated 1/4/2019