I'm PCSing what do I need to do?


As the sponsor, whether you PCS by yourself or with your family, before you move make sure to:

  • Request copies of your medical and dental records at least one month before your PCS date so you can hand-carry your records to your new duty station.
    • If you have a family, you may request to transfer copies of your family members’ medical records to the military hospital or clinic nearest to your new duty station.
  • Discuss any health care issues with your primary care manager and schedule any routine care and immunizations.
  • Fill your prescriptions to make sure you have enough medication to last throughout your move and immediately after.
  • Check health plans that you may be eligible for. You may have different health plan options when you move. Go to the TRICARE Plan Finder or review the TRICARE Plans Overview.
    • Don’t disenroll from your current plan before moving.

Once you arrive at your next duty station, make sure to:

  • Update your address and contact information in the DEERS.
    • Once you update DEERS, you have 90 days from the date of the move to make changes to your enrollment. PCSing is a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). A QLE allows you and your eligible family members to enroll in or change your TRICARE health plan outside of TRICARE Open Season.
  • Call the TRICARE contractor to change your region, plan, PCM, or all three.
  • Transfer your eligible prescriptions via home delivery or get your prescription filled at your closest military pharmacy or TRICARE retail network pharmacy.
  • Turn in your medical and dental records, to records management.

Last Updated 2/23/2024