Get to Know Your TRICARE Retired Reserve Plan


TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR) is a premium-based health plan available for purchase by qualified retired members of the National Guard and Reserve under age 60. A premium-based health plan means you pay monthly premiums, in addition to other costs for your health care. TRR coverage is similar to TRICARE Select coverage for retirees in Group B, with the same retiree copayments or cost-shares and choice of providers.

As outlined in the TRICARE Choices for National Guard and Reserve Handbook, Retired Reserve members have different TRICARE options prior to turning age 60 and once turning age 60. Up to age 60, TRR is an option. Here are a few questions and answers to help you better understand the key features of the health plan.

Who can enroll in TRICARE Retired Reserve?

Qualified Retired Reserve members, their family members, and their survivors may be eligible to enroll in TRR. These Retired Reserve members must be under age 60 and not eligible for, nor enrolled in the Federal Employees Health Benefits program.

You may check your eligibility on the milConnect website. Log in to milConnect, click on the “Benefits” tab, and then select “Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)” from the menu. You can also use the TRICARE Plan Finder to see what plans you and your family may qualify for.

How do you enroll?

“You may enroll in TRR at any time throughout the year, unless you’re locked out,” said Brian Smith, program manager for Reserve Component health plans at the Defense Health Agency. “As with all TRICARE premium-based health plans, you don’t need to wait until TRICARE Open Season to enroll.”

You may purchase TRR online on the milConnect website. Log in to milConnect, click on the “Benefits” tab, and then select “Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE)” from the menu. You can also call your regional contractor. An initial two-month premium payment is due with your enrollment request. You can also mail or fax your completed Reserve Component Health Coverage Request Form (DD Form 2896-1) along with the initial premium payment to your regional contractor within the specified deadline. If you live overseas, you can also purchase TRR coverage in person at a TRICARE Service Center.

How do you get care with TRR?

To get health care, schedule an appointment with any TRICARE-authorized provider. Referrals aren’t required, but some services require prior authorization. You save money if you see a TRICARE network provider. That provider will file your claims for you. If you get care from a non-network provider, you may pay more and have to file your own claims.

If you want to get care at a military hospital or clinic under TRR coverage, you can only do so if space is available. Pharmacy services are also provided at a military hospital or clinic. You can also use TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery and TRICARE retail network pharmacies to fill your prescriptions.

What are the costs associated with TRR?

With TRR coverage, you pay monthly premiums, a yearly deductible, and applicable copayments or cost-shares for covered services. Learn more about TRR costs and view costs, including monthly premiums and copayments on the TRICARE website.

You may choose to end your TRR coverage at any time. Visit the Ending TRICARE Retired Reserve Coverage page to learn how to end coverage for the entire family or an individual family member.

If you’re a Reserve member approaching retirement and below age 60, visit TRICARE Retired Reserve to learn more about costs and coverage under TRR. For more information about TRR and your options at age 60 and up, you can also download the TRICARE Choices for National Guard and Reserve Handbook. Getting to know your health plan will help you make informed choices and take command of your health.

At the time of posting, this information is current. For the most recent information, contact your TRICARE contractor or local military hospital or clinic.

Last Updated 9/1/2020