Government Shutdown: Some Allotment Payments Affected


The partial government shutdown that began Dec. 22, 2018, affected allotments used by some TRICARE patients to pay enrollment fees and dental premiums. TRICARE isn’t able to process these payments made through the U.S. Coast Guard pay center.

However, TRICARE will continue to cover patients.

This affects TRICARE health plans and TRICARE Dental Program allotments made on or after Jan. 1, 2019 by:

  • Retirees of the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Public Health Service, and commissioned corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency
  • Family members, survivors, and eligible former spouses of those listed above

If the above describes you, and you pay through allotment, you won’t be disenrolled for nonpayment.

You don’t need to take action at this time. TRICARE will contact you with information on paying your bill directly if the shutdown continues for a long time.

If you choose, you may be able to change your method of payment from allotment to electronic funds transfer or credit/debit card. Any new enrollees served by the U.S. Coast Guard pay center won’t be able to pay by allotment until the pay center returns to normal operations. You can contact your regional contractor or the TRICARE Dental Plan contractor if you want to look at other payment options.

For information on how the shutdown affects the Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP) dental and vision allotment payments, visit the FEDVIP website.

At the time of posting, this information is current. For the most recent information, contact your TRICARE contractor or local military hospital or clinic.

Last Updated 10/14/2021