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Find your TRICARE costs, including copays,
enrollment fees, and payment options.

TRICARE Young Adult Prime Costs

Monthly Premiums

  • 2018 monthly premium: $324 per month 

Paying Monthly Premiums

  • When you first enroll, you'll pay two-month premium payment by check, money order or cashier's check or debit/credit card.
  • After that, premims are paid automatically by an electronic funds transfer (EFT) or recurring debit/credit card

Copays and Cost Shares

Active Duty Sponsors

If your sponsor is on active duty:

  • You pay nothing out-of-pocket for any type of care
  • Unless you get care without a referral, then you will pay point-of-service charges

Retired Sponsors

If your sponsor is retired:

  • You pay the copayments below for care from TRICARE network provider
  • If you get care at an MTF, you pay nothing out-of-pocket except where indicated below
  • If you get care without a referral, then you'll pay point-of-service charges
  • Your costs are for care from civilian primary care managers (PCMs) or for care received with a PCM referral, when required.

These costs are effective 1/1/2018.
Service Cost
Annual Deductible Network Providers: $0
Point-of-Service Option: $300 for individuals, $600 for family
Ambulance Services $40 per occurrence
Ambulatory Surgery (Same Day) $60
Mental Health (Inpatient) See TRICARE Mental Health Costs
Mental Health (Partial Hospitalization) See TRICARE Mental Health Costs

Mental Health (Outpatient)

See TRICARE Mental Health Costs
Clinical Preventive Services $0 from a network provider
DME, Prosthetic Devices, Medical Supplies 20% of the negotiated feeThe discounted rate network providers agree to accept for covered services.
Emergency Services $60 per visit
Home Health Care $0.

Note: You may have separate costs for additional services when receiving home health care. For example, DME, drugs, vaccines, orthotics/prosthetics, and nutritional therapy, among others.

Hospice Care $0
Hospitalization (Inpatient Care) MTF: $18.60 per day
Network Hospital: $150 per admission
Immunizations $0 from a network provider
Laboratory and X-ray Ancillary* services: $0
Other Radiology services: $0
Maternity (office visits and hospitalization for delivery planned in a hospital in an inpatient setting) Office Visits: $0
Delivery: $150
Maternity (office visits for delivery planning in a TRICARE-authorized birthing center) Office Visits: $0
Delivery: $60
Maternity (office visits for delivery planned at home or other setting)

Primary Care Provider: $20 per visit

Specialty Care Provider: $30 per visit
Newborn Care $0
Outpatient Visit Primary Care: $20 per visit
Specialty Care: $30 per visit
Skilled Nursing (Inpatient) $30 per day

Urgent Care

$30 per visit
Enrolled in TRICARE Young Adult?

Newborn care is not covered unless the father of the child is a uniformed service member.

*Ancillary services include:
  • Diagnostic radiology and ultrasound
  • Diagnostic nuclear medicine
  • Pathology and laboratory services
  • Cardiovascular studies
  • Venipuncture
  • Collection of blood samples
  • Fetal monitoring

Last Updated 6/5/2018