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Emergency Procedures in Place for Parts of US
Click here for the latest information on emergency procedures in place.


Find your TRICARE costs, including copays,
enrollment fees, and payment options.

Co-Pays & Cost Shares

  • Active duty service members pay nothing out-of-pocket for any type of care

  • Active duty family members only pay for care when using a Prime plan if they get care without a referral*, when they use TRICARE Select, or if they use a network pharmacy or TRICARE Home Delivery 

  • There is no cost for services received at an MTF except for a small per diem when using inpatient care
  • For US Family Health Plan and TRICARE Prime Remote costs, choose "TRICARE Prime" from the pull-down menu

*TRICARE Prime includes a point-of-service option with higher costs when referral requirements are not followed or non-network providers are used without authorization from the TRICARE regional contractor (The point-of-service option is not available to active duty service members)

Last Updated 8/27/2018