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TRICARE Fundamentals Course (TFC) - Online Certification FAQs

Question: Is registration required for the Online Certification Course?

Answer: Registration is required. If you would prefer not to register, please select the Public Course option. Public Courses provide a general overview of the TRICARE benefit and do not require registration or exam completion.

Question: What is my login for the online courses?

Answer: The email address you provide during registration is your login/username.

Question: Once registered, where do I find the link to enter the course?

Answer: The link to enter the course can be found in your registration approval email. If you have misplaced that email, please contact the TRICARE U Registrar at dha.ncr.comm.mbx.tricare-university@mail.mil.

Question: My registration is not processing, what am I doing wrong?

Answer: If your registration does not process, it typically means that you are already a registered user and you should select the link that states, “If you have previously registered with us, click here.” Be aware, you cannot register for the same course within the same quarter.

Question: I cannot move forward in the online module, what should I do?

Answer: All modules on the online course convert to review mode once you exit them. To avoid this situation, please complete the module and then exit.

Question: What happens if I do not pass the Online Certification Course?

Answer: You are given two attempts to successfully pass the course with a score of 80% or better. If you do not pass using both attempts, you must re-register and retake the entire course.

Question: Who do I contact if I can not get my issue resolved?

Answer: Please contact the TRICARE U Registrar at dha.ncr.comm.mbx.tricare-university@mail.mil for assistance for the online course modules.

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