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TRICARE Fundamentals Course (TFC) - Classroom FAQs

Question: What material is covered during the course?

Answer: Major topics for this course include, but are not limited to, TRICARE eligibility, health care options, transitional care, claims, pharmacy, dental, and National Guard/Reserve care.

Question: Who teaches the TFC Classroom Courses?

Answer: Courses offered in the stateside regions are taught by region-based Managed Care Support Contractor employees. Courses offered in the overseas areas are taught by TRICARE Management Activity trainers from Falls Church, Virginia.

Question: Where are courses offered?

Answer: Courses are offered in various stateside and overseas locations. To obtain a schedule of classroom courses, please visit http://www.tricare.mil/tricareu/TFC_Schedule1.aspx.

Question: How much does the course cost?

Answer: There is no fee for the course or course materials. However, funding for travel, lodging, and associated travel fees are the responsibility of the student’s unit/agency.

Question: How soon can I register for a course?

Answer: Course registration opens 30 days prior to the scheduled course date.

Question: The course I want to take is showing as “Course is Full.” Can I still register in the class?

Answer: Space is reserved on a first-come, first-reserved basis. Once the course is full, no additional class space can be reserved. At the discretion of the instructors, a wait list may be offered to participants.

Question: I previously registered for a course but I am unable to attend. Who do I contact?

Answer: Contact the TRICARE U Registrar at dha.ncr.comm.mbx.tricare-university@mail.mil if you are unable to attend a course. The registrar will make the necessary adjustments to the class roster.

Question: How do I obtain a Certificate of Training for the classroom course?

Answer: To receive a Certification, you must attend all three days of training, pass the TFC course exam with a score of 80% or better, and complete an online course evaluation.

Question: What happens if I do not pass the classroom course?

Answer: If you do not pass the course, you may take the TFC Online Certification Course. You may request a Certificate of Attendance if you attended all three training days.

Question: After successfully completing the course, how long does it take to receive my Certificate of Training?

Answer: Please allow up to 30 days to receive your certificate via email. The registrar contacts all classroom participants to provide additional details on completing a course evaluation prior to obtaining your Certificate of Training.

Question: How often do I need to attend this course to stay current?

Answer: Course materials are updated quarterly. Class attendance is at the discretion of your unit or employer. However, the course is recommended for individuals with less than three years of TRICARE experience.

Question: Will I receive continuing education units (CEUs) for attending the classroom course?

Answer: No. TRICARE University does not offer CEUs for any of the courses offered.

Question: Who do I contact if I can not get my issue resolved?

Answer: Please contact the TRICARE U Registrar at dha.ncr.comm.mbx.tricare-university@mail.mil for assistance.

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