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Latest Surveys/Results

  • Issue Briefs
    Child HCSDB Issue Briefs use results from the child survey to inform MTF commanders and other TRICARE stakeholders what parents have to say about their TRICARE-eligible children's health care.

  • Beneficiary Reports
    Results from the most recent child survey are posted in an interactive report, presenting results summarized by child's age group, region and enrollment status.

  • Adult
    Two types of Beneficiary Reports summarize the findings from the most recent Health Care Survey of DoD Beneficiaries: quarterly and annual TRICARE Beneficiary Reports.

  • Issue Briefs
    Each quarter, a HCSDB Issue Brief is produced on a specific aspect of health care that affects TRICARE beneficiaries. The issue briefs combine results from the HCSDB with background from legal documents, policy papers and the scholarly literature.

  • Quarterly Beneficiary Reports
    Presents the most recent quarter's results for each region and CONUS MHS.

  • Annual Beneficiary Report
    Presents cumulative MTF and regional results from the most recent calendar year along with previous HCSDB findings.

  • TRICARE Consumer Watch

  • The Annual and Quarterly TRICARE Consumer Watch summarizes key aspects of the adult survey. The quarterly report for each region and service is produced, containing results from the most recent quarter. Each calendar year, the TRICARE Consumer Watch summarizes survey results at the Military Treatment facility level.

  • HCSDB TRICARE Annual Report
    The TRICARE Annual Report presents a summary of results from the Health Care Survey of DoD Beneficiaries (HCSDB) for each year. It includes responses from all beneficiaries eligible for MHS benefits.