Flu Vaccine Information for Beneficiaries

A message from Colonel John J. Melton, Commander, Womack Army Medical Center

As of November 1, 2019, Womack has limited quantities of the flu vaccine on-hand. Of the stock that we do have on-hand, we are vaccinating select at-risk populations:  pregnant women, children 6 months to 35 months of age, and our 65 years and over Beneficiaries. We are projecting to receive the remaining balance of our flu vaccines no later than November 15, 2019.   As we receive additional quantities, we will keep our community informed on our flu vaccination events. I invite you to monitor our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our website. 

As a TRICARE Beneficiary, you do have choices.  The following are frequently asked questions to empower you to make better choices.

What are my options if I want a flu shot now and my medical treatment facility does not have it yet?

Influenza vaccinations are a TRICARE covered benefit. Follow the TRICARE guidance to be advised at no-cost option vs co-pay options.

Where can I find civilian locations to receive a vaccine?

Womack provides information on several local civilian locations providing the flu vaccine along with the age restrictions for each entity.

TRICARE also has a link for civilian locations where flu vaccine may be received.

Is there a co-pay for the flu shot for a Department of Defense (DoD) Beneficiary? 

There is no co-pay if vaccine is received at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF) or by civilian pharmacies. There will likely be a co-pay if the vaccine is administered in association with a Provider visit.  TRICARE provides additional information on this topic

Do civilian pharmacies administer the vaccine to children?

States' rules vary. We strongly encourage you to contact the pharmacy prior to your visit to understand any restrictions they may have. All MTFs have received 100 percent of the pediatric vaccine for children 6-35 months of age. 

Can military members receive the flu vaccine at civilian pharmacies?

Yes, they are DoD Beneficiaries under TRICARE and they are eligible for this benefit. If a vaccine is received at a civilian location, it should be visible in the service readiness systems within 48-72 hours, but proof of vaccine receipt may also be transcribed into the service-system.

Do MTF's have the flu vaccine for Beneficiaries over the age of 65?

Yes.  This is the first year DoD has ordered the vaccine specific for those over the age of 65 years. MTF’s have received 100 percent of the supply ordered for this age group.

Will FluMist be available at the MTF?

No.  The manufacturer for FluMist did not elect to bid on the DoD contract this year.

Why does the military always seem to get their flu vaccine after the civilian population?

The current U.S. population is over 327 Million.  TRICARE serves 9.5 Million Beneficiaries, approximately 3 percent of the U.S. population.  Therefore, DoD doesn’t have the purchase power that the civilian medical markets have.

Where do I go if I, and my children need flu vaccines but are enrolled in different clinics? 

Please refer to the list of local civilian locations providing the flu vaccine along with the age restrictions for each entity.  




Last Updated 11/5/2019