Pharmacy Services

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Are you wondering if your medication is ready or if we received a prescription from your doctor? 
If you have these or any other pharmacy questions, please call the Womack Pharmacy Call Center.
Mon – Fri: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Updates: Hard Copy Prescriptions and Refill Pick-Up

Effective 01 July 2020, WAMC pharmacies will only accept hard copy (paper) prescriptions for controlled substances and emergency roomThe hospital department that provides emergency services to patients who need immediate medical attention. discharge prescriptions.

All other prescriptions should be sent electronically to:

Civilian prescribers may easily find the site via zip code search 28310

Effective immediately, refill pickup time is after 2:00 pm.

Refills requested by 10:00 pm on Sun-Thurs will be ready the next business day after 2:00 pm, those requested on Fri-Sat will be ready on Monday after 2:00 pm.

COVID-19 Response

Pharmacy services has updated procedures and information in response to COVID-19. Please refer to the Womack COVID-19 information pages for the latest information from the Department of Pharmacy, TRICARE, and the Defense Health Agency (DHA). 

See a full list of Fort Bragg pharmacies and contact information

Medications can make a difference in regaining health and mitigating chronic conditions and your Womack Army Medical Center pharmacy staff specialize in providing new prescriptions, refills and medication counseling. 

The Womack Department of Pharmacy would like to thank the more than 147,000 beneficiaries eligible to visit and use our pharmacies. Our commitment to you is nothing less than our best. We continuously strive to and seek to implement new programs that improve both the quantity and quality of our services. We appreciate the opportunity and privilege to serve you. Thank you!

Search the Womack Formulary online. 

Electronic Prescribing Information for Womack

Department of Defense Electronic Prescribing Pharmacy Name: DoDFTBRAGGePhcy
Pharmacy NCPDP/NPI Number: 1912310772

Pharmacy Refills

Routine refills are processed by phone or Internet only. You may call the automated telephone refill system or use the Internet refill system to refill your prescriptions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please be sure to have the last four of the sponsor’s social security number and prescription number on hand when using either of the refill systems.

Ordering Refills Online

Ordering Refills Over the Phone

Refill Home Delivery

Prescription Services at Retail Network Pharmacies

If you need a prescription filled right away and the pharmacy is closed or you are unable to use the Fort Bragg Pharmacy, visit one of the civilian retail pharmacies that are approved by TRICARE.
Use the Pharmacy Locator at Express Scripts or call 1-877-363-1303.

Clinical Pharmacy Services

Clinical pharmacy services such as medication review, medication education, device training, and medication counseling are available at most clinic pharmacies. 

Learn more about clinical pharmacy services.

Controlled Substance Prescription Policy

Fort Bragg pharmacies may only dispense a maximum of a 30-day supply of most controlled substances. The only authorized exception is for controlled substances prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, which may be filled for up to a 90-day supply. Schedule III through Schedule V Medications may be written for a 30-day supply, with up to five refills.

Pharmacy ID Card Policy

It is necessary to provide the military ID card of the patient (if 10 years old or older), or a current copy of the ID card, when obtaining a prescription at any military pharmacy or TRICARE Retail Network Pharmacy to help establish eligibility and authorization. It is permissible for military ID cards to be photocopied (front & back) to assist in eligibility verification and for the purpose of rendering care.

Medication and Sharps Disposal

Please safely discard unused medication and controlled substances away from children and pets. For detailed information, visit for guidance on disposal of unused medications. Home users of sharps (e.g. needles) are urged to place sharps in hard wall containers (e.g. laundry detergent bottle with screw on lid) before disposal in order to protect garbage collectors from needle sticks. Call your county Department of Health or visit to learn more.

Last Updated 6/3/2020