For your convenience, this section shows Health Services from G through L.


Page 8/19/2019 Chiropractics

Integrating the highest quality preventive, clinical and rehabilitative services, and education.



Page 10/31/2019 Gastroenterology Service

Provide the highest level of service, care, and treatment possible for all active duty Soldiers, retirees, and beneficiaries.



Page 7/25/2019 Immunizations

Providing immunizations and Flu vaccines for Tricare beneficiaries.

Page 12/13/2019 Infectious Disease Clinic

Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of infectious diseases with the goal of improving medical readiness of the US Army and individual patient health of DoD beneficiaries.

Page 7/25/2019 Interdisciplinary Pain Management

Dedicated to treating patient suffering, providing education, and restoring function in order to empower patients.

Page 7/25/2019 Internal Medicine Service

Internal medicine services for complex medical conditions, chronic disease management, Infusion Therapy, Anticoagulation Clinic, Rheumatology, Nephrology, and Endocrinology


Page 11/20/2019 Laboratory

The Womack laboratory provides caregivers medical information that supports your health.


Page 7/25/2019 Rheumatology Clinic

Outpatient evaluation and management of patients with joint and tissue diseases, including connective tissue diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.


Page 1/21/2020 Travel Medicine

The Womack Army Medical Center Travel Clinic offers travel-related advice to help ensure travelers get the most out of their trip.

Last Updated 12/20/2019