Family Medicine Residency Program

We are the premiere Womack Army Medical Center Family Medicine Residency. Fort Bragg is the most populous military installation in the world, serving over 50,000 active duty troops and tens of thousands more dependents and retirees. Womack has the privilege of serving this large and diverse population with the distinction of a full contingency of specialists without opposition from an internal medicine residency or fellowships. We offer our residents a chance to regularly work with complex disease processes while mastering management of the most common inpatient ailments. With a dynamic curriculum and a revolutionary research mentorship program, unparalleled academics accompany an unrivaled clinical experience.

The program fosters an environment where duty hours are taken seriously, and the stress of residency is balanced by camaraderie, active faculty mentors, dedicated resident advocacy, evidence-based self-care built into curriculum, and scheduled extracurricular activities. We firmly believe that a Family Medicine physician must be well-rounded in academics, clinical experience, and life-goals outside of medicine to truly relate to and serve patients in a primary care setting.

If you want to be part of a residency program that can train you to practice at the top of your license, whether you want to go into operational medicine, seek a fellowship, or serve as a community physician, apply for a clerkship or request an interview.

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Last Updated 8/2/2019