Radiology Archives Office

The Radiology Archives Office processes official requests to release radiology imaging records for imaging completed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and some of its outlying clinics. 

To request radiology imaging records for a specific patient, please submit a completed Radiology Imaging Request Form, and a clear color copy of the front and back of the patient's valid Government-issued ID (i.e. DoD ID, VA ID, State Issued ID, or Passport) via email at:
Please note: The name and date of birth on the ID must match our records, otherwise, you will have to provide legal documentation that validates the discrepancy. 

If you are requesting radiology imaging for someone other than yourself, you must submit a Written Consent Form completed by the patient and/or Legal Documentation that allows the release of information at the same time you submit the Radiology Imaging Request Form. The requestor must also provide a clear color copy of the front and back of his or her valid Government-issued ID card (i.e. DoD ID, VA ID, State Issued ID, or Passport).
Please note: Digital signatures are only accepted for staff members of WRNMMC. All others must print and sign your document(s) in the designated signature area.

Please be aware that an incomplete form or missing documents may cause processing delays or the inability to process your request entirely.

Some radiology reports may also be accessed through the TRICARE Online Patient Portal or by contacting the Medical Records Office at the nearest Military Treatment Facility (MTF).


Copying a DoD ID Card is authorized for Health Care purposes, and when being used to perform official government business (DoD instruction 1000.13)

Current authorized DoD and VA ID cards should contain a ten (10) digit identification number that is unique to the individual. This ten (10) digit number is the same number used for both the DoD and VA systems, however this number may be referred to by different names.

Starting on 1 OCT 2021, all people submitting a State Issued ID Card for identification must present with a REAL ID Card as defined by the REAL ID Act, passed by Congress in 2005. Click here for more information.

Note: Expired ID cards are not valid, and will not be accepted as proof of identity.

Last Updated 6/29/2020