Pharmacy - Taking Medication

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Tips for Taking Medications for Maximum Safety and Benefit:
  • Read the label of each medicine container three times:
    • Before you remove it from its storage place,
    • Before you take the lid off the container to remove the dose, and
    • Before you replace the container in its storage place.
  • Use standard measuring devices to take your medicines. The household teaspoon, cup, and glass vary widely in the amount they hold.
  • Set medicines away from the surface edge to prevent containers and/or caps from being knocked to the floor.
  • When pouring liquid medicines, hold the container with the label against the palm of your hand to protect it from being stained by dripping medicine.
  • Wipe off the top and neck of bottles of liquid medicines to keep labels from being obscured and to make it less likely that the lid will stick.
  • Replace the lid on one container before opening another to avoid accidental mixing of lids, labels, and medicines.

Last Updated 5/11/2020