Adolescent and Young Adult Program

John P. Murtha Cancer Center LogoThe Murtha Cancer Center’s Adolescent and Young Adult program (AYA) is available for patients 15 – 39 years old who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their family members. The program promotes independence and encourages patients to be active participants in the development of their care plans.

The AYA Team

The AYA team includes licensed clinical social workers and a patient navigator. The team works to enhance each patient’s experience through the continuum of cancer care; from diagnosis and staging, through treatment and survivorship.

The AYA team helps patients and their family members make use of the many resources, treatment services, and support services available through the Murtha Cancer Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and other organizations.

Members of the AYA team have specialized clinical experience and resources to help decide the most effective methods to meet each patient’s unique psychosocial needs.

AYA Services
  • Emotional support tailored for young adults, including an AYA Oncology Support Group
  • Discussion of options and facilitation of processes for fertility preservation
  • Support and monitoring of patients to encourage compliance with treatment plans
  • Assisting patients with transitioning from the Military Health System to civilian healthcare providers
  • Helping patients experience life not limited by their diagnosis
  • Support for adjusting to school, employment and military readiness
  • Individual and family counseling addressing issues like anxiety and distress
  • Facilitation of “Club Chemo” meetings; a support group for young adults (ages 18 – 39)
  • Peer support and mentoring

Last Updated 10/3/2019