Medical Home Port

medicalhome_logoInternal Medicine and Medical Home are combined and located in the America Building, 2nd Floor.

Internal Medicine providers are skilled professionals who diagnose and treat adult patients with a wide variety of health conditions from the simple to highly complex. Our physicians specialize in internal medicine, geriatrics, family and operational medicine. Also on staff are nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, a behavioral health specialist, hospital corpsmen, and licensed practical nurses.
You are ensured the highest quality of medical care through our wide range of services and specialtiesA branch of medicine or surgery that a doctor specializes in..

Hours of Operation
Please be advised that our phones will not be answered before 6:30 AM or after 4:00 pm, but you can contact the call center at (301)295-6289 to book appointments from 06:00 - 07:30 AM and from 16:00 - 18:00 PM.

Active Duty (only) Sick call:
Walk-in (M-F 0630 - 0730 a.m.)

After Hours: If you have an urgent issue during the weekend or after hours that cannot wait till the next business day, you can call the TRICARE Duty Physician to request an Internal Medicine Duty provider, at 800-747-3661. An on-call provider will be able to assist with your urgent medical issues. *If your medical condition is life threatening, please seek care at the nearest Emergency RoomThe hospital department that provides emergency services to patients who need immediate medical attention..

Internal Medicine and Navy’s Medical Home Port Teams are now online for patients to securely message their providers and Navy’s Medical Home Port Teams. Patients can sign up for this new secure messaging service by going to WRNMMC Online.

Some of the benefits of this service are requesting the following information:

Comprehensive primary care
Request labs and x-ray results be sent to you
Request medication renewals
Request appointments
Message your provider/Team questions
Enter your home glucose levels for your provider to access and see a graph of glucose
Remember the biggest benefit is not having to play phone tag, looking for parking, avoiding traffic, saving gas and time traveling.
If you are having difficulties signing up for this service please call the customer support desk at RelayHealth Customer Support at 866-735-2963 ext. 1.

Prescription refills
• You may refill medications online, by phone, or by mail-order.
• See Pharmacy Refill web page to order.
• No refills left? Leave a message for your Primary Care Manager at (301) 295-0196.
Medical Home Contact numbers
Medical Home provider or Team main phone number

(Dietition, Behavioral Health, Mind Body, Nutrition)
(301) 295-0105

(301) 295-3037

Medical Evaluation and Treatment Clinic (METC) or Sick Call
(301) 295-7859

Last Updated 11/7/2019