Darnall Medical Library

Darnall Medical Library aims to be a forward-looking, innovative service valued by WRNMMC personnel as an integral component of quality healthcare delivery. Our mission is to:
  • Provide access to a broad scope of current, evidence-based medical, nursing, and allied health literature.
  • Respond to the resource and service needs and requests of healthcare providers.
  • Perform literature searches in a timely manner.
  • Educate providers on searching, retrieving, and evaluating information.
  • Develop and/or implement novel library service delivery models, particularly at the point of care.
  • Capitalize on the latest technology to make resources more accessible.

Patients: Please click here for our Patient Health Education Portal, your guide to authoritative health information on the Internet.
WRNMMC Staff Members: Please click here for our digital library and professional resources.


Last Updated 7/20/2020