Patient Administration:

Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, Room 2026, (904) 542-9212 / 7195


Patient - Family Partnership Council:

(904) 542-9175


Patient Relations:

Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor (by TRICARE Health Benefits Advisors), (904) 542-9175 / 9413 or email.



Children can be assigned to a Primary Care Manager (PCM) in Pediatrics.

Pediatrics has one Medical Home Port Team:  Purple Team.  It is the central resource for your child’s health needs:  urgent, preventive, and routine.

  • Our team partners with you.
  • You can choose your PCM.
  • We work with you to coordinate care (including specialty care).
  • We connect you and your family to information and support.
  • You and your PCM work together to develop a plan of care. This includes:
    • tests and treatment;
    • short-and long-term goals.
  • A second opinion is available in our clinic.

For our Appointment Lines, 24/7 Nurse Advice Line, TRICARE Online Patient Portal, secure email messaging, and Pharmacy Home Delivery, please see the Getting Care page.

Hospital (East Annex, 1st Floor) – Pediatrics’ Purple Team:  (904) 542-4677 / (800) 529-4677


Pet Visitation Program:

Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor at American Red Cross, (904) 542-7635



See the TRICARE Formulary (list of medicines). Find out more about the formulary here. View Naval Hospital Jacksonville's formulary.

Pharmacy Home Delivery:

Skip the trip, with medications delivered to your home.  Includes refills by mail, phone, or online; and an automatic-refill option.  Active duty have no co-pay.  For other patients, your co-pay is for a 90-day supply.  So it’s about 1/5 the cost of TRICARE retail pharmacies for generics, and about 1/3 the cost of TRICARE retail pharmacies for brand-names.  To change your prescription to Home Delivery, visit Express Scripts, or download the Express Scripts app, or call (877) 363-1303.

Our Pharmacies:

When using our hospital or branch health clinic pharmacies, you can receive up to a 90-day supply (for most medications) with no co-pay. We also offer text alerts for pick-up.


Call (800) NAV-PHAR (800-628-7427), or refill online at www.TRICAREonline.com. You’ll need your prescription number (on the label) and the last four digits of the sponsor's social security number.


  • Main Pharmacy (Central Tower, 1st Floor):  (904) 542-7405
    Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Saturday: 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Satellite Pharmacy (by NAS Jax NEX):  (904) 542-1540
    Pick up refills, and new prescriptions from TRICARE network providers here.
  • Lobby:
    Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Drive-Thru:
    Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
    Saturday: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Network:

This option provides up to a 30-day supply, with a co-pay for each 30-day supply.  (Active duty have no co-pay.)  To find out more, contact Express Scripts at (877) 363-1303 or www.express-scripts.com/TRICARE.


Physical & Occupational Therapy:

Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor, (904) 542-7375


Plans, Operations, Medical Intelligence (POMI):

Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor, (904) 542-7458 / 9560


Podiatry (at Orthopedics):

Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor at Orthopedics, (904) 542-7365


Preventive Medicine / Environmental Health:

Contact us to report concerns about insects or conditions at on-base facilities.

Hospital (Building 2034): (904) 546-7024 / 7027


Pulmonology (at Internal Medicine):

Hospital (East Annex, 1st Floor at Internal Medicine), (904) 542-7481 / 7041



Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor, (904) 542-7300 (Option 3)



After your provider has ordered your imaging / test, please call us (Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) to schedule an appointment. For CT and MRI orders, please allow at least 48 hours (for processing) before you call to schedule. We’ll forward your test results to the ordering provider.

Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor

  • CT / MRI / Fluoroscopy / Ultrasound:  (904) 542-7782
  • Mammograms:  (904) 542-7782
  • Nuclear Medicine:  (904) 542-7940
  • Breast Care Coordinator:  (904) 542-7857
  • Front Desk:  (904) 542-7363


Rapid Response Team:

If you have any concerns about yourself or a family member who is an inpatient (staying overnight for any reason, or in Same-Day Surgery), please discuss them with your nurse. If you or your family are still concerned, ask the nurse to activate the Rapid Response Team (RRT). RRT is a team of doctors, nurses, and specialists who assess the situation and help patients whose condition might be quickly worsening.

Hospital: (904) 542-7878


Ribbons & Roses:

(904) 542-7857


Same Day Surgery:

If you’re scheduled for surgery, you’ll check-in through Same Day Surgery (check-in on the 3rd Floor), which provides care and support before and after surgery.

Hospital Central Tower, 4th Floor (check-in on 3rd Floor), (904) 542-7747


Secure Email Messaging:




Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor, (904) 542-7545


Sleep Disorders:

Hospital Central Tower, 5th Floor, (904) 542-9071


Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP):

Hospital (Building 2034):   (904) 546-6302


TRICARE Health Benefits Advisors:

(904) 542-9165


TRICARE Humana Military:

(800) 444-5445


TRICARE Online Patient Portal:




Hospital Central Tower, 1st Floor, (904) 542-7488


Virtual Visits:

Navy Care offers a live, virtual visit with a clinician — on your smartphone, laptop, or computer.  You can use it from home, work, or wherever you want to receive care.  It's private, secure, and free.

Please register today for Navy Care, so it’s ready when you need care.

Visit the website, or download the “Navy Care” app on your mobile device – for ioS or Android.

To make an appointment, call your clinic’s appointment line (as usual) and we’ll set up a virtual visit.


Warrior Navigation & Assistance Program:

(888) 4GO-WNAP (888-446-9627)


Wellness Center:

Offers individual and group classes, including:  tobacco cessation, weight management, health fitness, and nutrition.  Please stop by, call, or make an appointment.

Hospital Building 867 (next to NAS Jacksonville Fitness Center):  (904) 542-5292


Wounded Warrior:

Coordinates the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill, and injured sailors and Coast Guardsmen; and provides resources to their families. Visit:  www.navywoundedwarrior.com.

Hospital Central Tower, 2nd Floor (Room 2110), (904) 542-9581.



Last Updated 8/25/2020