Hospital tests mass casualty response during Sept. 5 exercise

Exercise in progress sign rendering
The hospital will test its mass casualty response procedures on Thursday, Sept. 5, during an annual training exercise. Patient appointments will not be affected, but patients and family members may notice an increase of security and activity throughout the hospital. (Photo illustration)

FORT BELVOIR, Va. -- Fort Belvoir Community Hospital will conduct a Readiness Mass Casualty Full Scale Exercise on Thursday, 5 Sep. 2019 from 0700 - 1200 hours. This Full Scale Exercise is in conjunction with the US- Army Garrison Fort Belvoir as part of Joint Forces Headquarters-National Capital Region's overarching exercise - Operation Capital Shield.

Please be aware that there will be multiple training venues on Fort Belvoir, and you may experience delays at the gates, some exercise traffic control points on the roads, rapid movement of emergency vehicles, and you may see role player casualties with Hollywood quality make-up. This is all an effort to add realism for the Hospital and our mission partners being trained and/or evaluated.

In an effort to train our entire staff, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital will not be offering routine appointments from 0700-1200 hours, but the Emergency Department and Emergency Services will be open and operating as normal. Surgical appointments should not be impacted, but please consult your surgical team as soon as able.

We ask that you plan your visit to Fort Belvoir and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital accordingly. We appreciate your patience and assistance as we endeavor to improve our emergency readiness for Fort Belvoir and our Military Community

To find out more, or to get updates during the exercise, follow the hospital on Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated 9/26/2019