Lieber Gate opening and Walker closing

Fort Belvoir Lieber Gate entrance monument
Lieber Gate is scheduled to open Aug. 26, allowing access to North Fort Belvoir from Richmond Highway. (Photo by Paul Lara);

FORT BELVOIR, Va. (August 27, 2019) -- August 26 is an important day for Fort Belvoir’s progress and future, as the long-awaited, new Lieber Gate opens for traffic. August 23 Walker Gate closes for bridge reconstruction. When Lieber opens, the hours at Tulley Gate, Fort Belvoir’s current 24-hour and truck gate, will only be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., weekdays.

Commercial truck traffic into the installation will switch, once Lieber opens, from Tulley to Lieber. At the new access control point, there are dedicated truck inspection lanes toward the right. Drivers who enter Fort Belvoir through Lieber Gate will then be on Meade Road, where they can turn ledt onto Gunston Road to reach Fort Belvoir’s South Post; or right toward North Post, the school, Exchange and Commissary.

“There will be some congestion, at first, but opening Lieber Gate provides more-direct access for many drivers who travel to the offices and agencies on Fort Belvoir,” said Frank Hentschel, director of the garrison’s Directorate of Emergency Services. He added the new, adjusted gate hours optimize the capacity and capabilities the gates have.

“This will really help with congestion and traffic flow, not only on Fort Belvoir, but in our surrounding communities,” Hentschel said.

“We’ve planned the opening to coordinate with Dogue Creek Bridge reconstruction, so drivers who usually use Walker will also be using the new gate; or Pence, Tulley or Beulah gates.

“With Walker’s closing, we just want everyone to be patient, allow extra time for the adjustments and know there’ll be more cars at other gates, as a result of Walker’s closure,” Hentschel said. On average, personnel at Walker Gate process more than 5,100 cars each day.

“We appreciate drivers’ continued patience. We know there will be some growing pains and that everyone has somewhere to be,” he said.

The bridge over Dogue Creek, just inside of Walker Gate, will be replaced this winter, in a project set to last until August 2020. Residents of River Village, adjacent to Walker Gate, will be able to exit from Walker. However, with the bridge closure, residents of Dogue Creek and George Washington villages and other drivers who typically drive on Fort Belvoir’s Mount Vernon Road will need to use Pence, Lieber or Tulley to exit Fort Belvoir.


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Last Updated 12/10/2019