Fort Belvoir Troop Command

Troop Command – Fort Belvoir Community Hospital (TC-FBCH) provides Administrative Control (ADCON) Service Element Support, executes deployment, and maintains readiness requirements for all Soldiers assigned to Fort Belvoir Community Hospital and Regional Health Command – Atlantic Headquarters.

Troop Command provides proactive, responsive, reliable administrative control to attached personnel as well as mission command to assigned personnel while maintaining the well-being of the force, enforcing military discipline, and demonstrating professional conduct.

We strive to have an efficient, cohesive Soldier-Civilian organization that provides excellent administrative support and deliberately planned operations that accomplish Army training and management while supporting the command and staff of Regional Health Command – Atlantic and the medical healthcare professionals and technicians of Fort Belvoir Community Hospital.


  • Readiness
    • Individual Training / Warrior Task
    • Individual Medical Readiness
  • Professional Development & Education
  • Establish / Improve Policy & Process
  • Strengthen Partnerships / Relationships
    • Joint Partners / Fort Belvoir Community Hospital
    • Fort Belvoir Garrison

Last Updated 12/19/2019