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Autism Care Demonstration

... The TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration (Autism Care Demo) covers applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for all eligible TRICARE beneficiaries diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  The demonstration began Jul. 25, 2014 ...


Autism Spectrum Disorder

... TRICARE covers many services for beneficiaries with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Occupational therapy Physical therapy  Physician services  Psychological services  Psychological testing  Prescription d ...


TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration Briefing

... TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration Briefin ...


Applied Behavior Analysis

... TRICARE covers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) for all TRICARE beneficiaries with an Autism Spectrum Disorder through the TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration (Autism Care Demo).   ...


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

... e. TRICARE doesn't cover hyperbaric oxygen therapy for: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Stroke Cerebral palsy Autism An additional therapy for the treatment of thermal burns Topical application of oxygen is also not covered ...


Questions & Answers

... e Extended Care Health Option (ECHO), and before that, through the Program for Persons with Disabilities.  The ECHO Autism Demonstration began in March 2008. This demo increased access to supervised services from Assistant Behavior Analysts and A ...


Special Programs

... ants or a certain geographic location.   To learn more about Special Programs and topics, follow the links below: Autism Care Demonstration Cancer Clinical Trials TRICARE Prime Pilot Demonstration – Atlanta Chiropractic Health ...


Covered Treatments

... health and substance use disorder care. This includes both inpatient and outpatient care. Applied Behavior Analysis Autism Spectrum Disorder Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Collateral Visits Drug Testing Eating Disorder Treatment ...


Extended Care Health Option Fact Sheet

... Extended Care Health Option Fact Sheet ...


TRICARE Select and Other Plans

... you for booking appointments: You don't usually need a referral for any type of care (one exception is care through the Autism Care Demonstration) Some services may require prior authorization.  Contact your regional contractor if y ...

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