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TRICARE Formulary Search Tool

Managing your prescriptions can be tricky, but the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool can help! Learn how much you’ll pay, where you can get your prescriptions filled, and so much more.


Non-Formulary Drugs

Explains non-formulary drugs and getting medical necessity


Generic and Brand-Name Formulary Drugs

Describes TRICARE coverage of generic formulary drugs


What is the difference between the TRICARE Formulary and the Basic Core Formulary?

information about the basic core formulary


TRICARE Pharmacy Program Overview

... rogram in the U.S. and U.S. territories. The overview provides information on categories of covered drugs (including generic formulary, brand-name formulary, and non-formulary drugs), non-covered drugs, your pharmacy costs, over-the-counter drugs and where to ...


What is the TRICARE Formulary?

Information about TRICARE formulary


Prescription Drugs

discusses TRICARE's coverage of prescription drugs, TRICARE Formulary, and drugs not covered


How can I check if I need a prior authorization for my prescription?

FAQ about how to check if prescription needs prior authorization.



Describes TRICARE pharmacy programs and links to ExpressScripts, TRICARE Formulary, and Check Pharmacy Costs


Weight Loss Products

TRICARE doesn't cover weight loss products (except for some prescriptions).

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Last Updated 10/2/2020