Health Matters (Overseas) Newsletter: 2022—Issue 3

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This quarterly newsletter provides information about your TRICARE benefit. This edition contains information specific to beneficiaries living overseas.

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Issue 3 | 2022

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How can I Continue TRICARE coverage after divorce?FAQ image

After a divorce, your health plan options depend on whether you meet certain criteria. A former spouse only remains eligible for TRICARE if he or she meets specific criteria. These include the sponsor’s status, length of the marriage, and other factors. For information on how divorce or annulment affects TRICARE coverage, go to TRICARE’s Getting a Divorce or Annulment page.

How do I check the status of my referral or pre-authorization?

If you’re enrolled in a TRICARE Prime plan, you may need specialty care that your primary care manager (PCM) can’t provide. In that case, your PCM may need to make a referral or pre-authorization for specialty care. Get help checking the status of your referral or pre-authorization through your TRICARE Overseas Program Regional Call Center.

How do I find country-specific information and resources?

When you live overseas, you have special contact numbers and country-specific codes to get the health care support you need and to get your questions answered. Go to the TRICARE Overseas Program website, select your region, and then find your country where you’re currently located to find contact information that applies to you.

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Last Updated 11/22/2022