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Uniformed Service ID Cards

All eligible TRICARE beneficiaries will have an ID card that they will show you when they visit your office. That card contains a Social Security Number (SSN) or DoD Identification Number and a unique DoD Benefits Number (DBN).

Sample ID Card and CAC (front and back of both) showing placement of the DoD Benefits Number (used to verify eligibility and file claims) and the DoD Identification Number (which replaced SSNs on the cards--not used to file claims).

Removal of SSN from ID Cards

To protect the privacy and personal identity of beneficiaries, the DoD is removing SSNs from all ID cards. Instead a DoD Identifcation Number and DBN will be printed on the card.

The removal of SSNs from ID cards is expected to last for several years as cards are being replaced as they are renewed. During this transition, you can verify eligibility and process claims using the SSN or the DBN.

The DBN is composed of a unique family identifier number connected to the sponsor, a dash, and then a unique two digit family member identifier number unique to each family member. The number will be printed on the back of the beneficiary’s ID card above the bar code.

Ask a beneficiary to provide his or her sponsor's SSN verbally or in writing as required by your office protocol.

Download the flyer for your region or contact your regional contractor for more information about the removal of SSNs or if you need guidance about verifying eligibility or filing claims.

Last Updated 12/1/2017