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I'm Using TRICARE Reserve Select

In most cases, you won’t switch plans once you’re using TRICARE Reserve Select.

  • If you move, you can continue to use TRICARE Reserve Select, but you must contact your new regional contractor to transfer coverage and establish new payments. >>Learn More about Moving
  • If a Guard/Reserve sponsor is activatedCalled or ordered to active duty service for more than 30 days in a row.—called to active duty for more than 30 consecutive days:
    • The member and eligible family members become eligible for the same TRICARE options as active duty service members and their families
    • TRICARE Reserve Select coverage ends.

When Activated

Activated Guard/Reserve Member

When you get to your final duty station, follow your command’s guidance on enrolling in a TRICARE Prime plan.

Family Members

Review the steps to switch to the plans listed below. TRICARE Reserve Select coverage ends when the sponsor is activated.

I want to switch to:  Follow these steps: 

You can enroll in TRICARE Prime if you live in a Prime Service Area or within 100 miles of a primary care manager. If you qualify:

  • Enroll in TRICARE Prime.
  • You remain covered by TRICARE Standard and Extra until your TRICARE Prime coverage begins.
TRICARE Prime Remote 

You can only switch to TRICARE Prime Remote if you're sponsor is enrolled and you don't live in a Prime Service Area. If you qualify:

US Family Health Plan 

To switch to the US Family Health Plan, you must live in a designated area. If you qualify:

TRICARE Prime Overseas

To enroll in TRICARE Prime Overseas, you must be:

  • On accompanying orders
  • Command-sponsored

If you qualify, enroll in TRICARE Prime Overseas.

TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas

To enroll in TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas, you must be:

  • On accompanying orders
  • Command-sponsored

If you qualify, enroll in TRICARE Prime Remote Overseas.

TRICARE Standard and Extra or TRICARE Standard Overseas

Adult Children Who “Age Out” of TRICARE

As long as your sponsor remains covered by TRICARE Reserve Select (or if he/she is activated), you can switch to TRICARE Young Adult when you lose eligibility:

  • On your 21st birthday (if not enrolled in college full time) or
  • On your 23rd birthday or when you graduate from college, whichever is first.

When you lose eligibility, your other coverage automatically ends.

Last Updated 9/15/2015