TRICARE Standard Options

If you don't live in an area where a Prime option is offered or if you choose not to enroll, you're covered by TRICARE Standard and Extra or TRICARE Standard Overseas. There is no enrollment for either option, and you're automatically covered by either of these options when the TAMP period begins.

TRICARE Standard and Extra

The type of provider you see determines which option you are using and how much you'll pay out-of-pocket.

  • When you see a non-network provider, you're using the Standard option. You'll pay more and you may have to file your own claims.
  • When you see a network provider, you're using the Extra option. You'll pay less and the provider will file claims for you.
  • Learn more about TRICARE Standard and Extra.

TRICARE Standard Overseas

  • Visit any overseas provider for care.
  • Care at military hospitals or clinics is available on a space-available basis only. 
  • You don't need a referral for any type of care but some services may require prior authorization. 
  • You may have to pay the provider in full when you receive care and file a claim with TRICARE for reimbursement.
  • Learn more about TRICARE Standard Overseas

Last Updated 8/24/2015