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TRICARE Philippine Demonstration

You may be required to get care though the TRICARE Philippine Demonstration if:

  • You live in the Philippines, and
  • You're using TRICARE Standard Overseas, TRICARE For Life, TRICARE Reserve Select, TRICARE Retired Reserve or TRICARE Young Adult-Standard.  

When you live in a demonstration area, you'll visit Approved Demonstration Providers who:

  • Deliver quality medical care,
  • Accept established reimbursement rates,
  • Collect only the deductible and cost share from you, and
  • File claims for you

You must give your physical address to the provider (for the claims) to get the reduced out-of-pocket costs.

International SOS Government Services, Inc. (International SOS), and its subcontractor, Global 24 Network Services, administer the TRICARE Philippine Demonstration in each designated area. Contact a customer service representative for help finding a provider, with authorization or claims, or if you have questions about the TRICARE Philippine Demonstration:

Last Updated 12/1/2016

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