Requesting Reimbursement

You (and your non-medical attendant, if applicable) must pay for travel expensesAmounts you pay when traveling to and from your appointment.  This includes costs for gas, meals, tolls, parking, lodging, local transportation, and tickets for public transportation. up front and then submit a claim to the Defense Health Agency TRICARE Health Plan Office for travel reimbursement.

  • Send a separate claim per trip, per qualified patient or non-medial attendant.
  • Only one person can be reimbursed for each expense.
  • All reimbursements are made through electronic funds transfer (EFT). 

Send the following information with each travel claim:

  1. Completed and signed claims forms:
  2. Copy of the CRSC determination letter (if not provided before traveling)
  3. CompletedEFT authorization form (if not provided before traveling)
  4. Documentation from the specialty care provider verifying he or she treated you for the specified combat-related disability and the date(s) of service. View sample documentation.
  5. Statement from the referring provider indicating the need for an NMA (if applicable and not provided prior to travel)
  6. Legible receipts (or comparable written documents) indicating the payment(s) made for reimbursable goods and services; receipts must include:
    • Name of the company or vendor
    • Date of transaction
    • Items or services purchased
    • Unit price
    • Total amount paid

Note: Submitting a request for reimbursement does not guarantee payment.

Last Updated 7/6/2020