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Determination of Eligibility Request

TRICARE Prime Remote is available to active duty service members and activatedCalled or ordered to active duty service for more than 30 days in a row. Guard/Reserve members (including those eligible for pre-activation benefits) who live and work in designated remote locations. If you don't live and work in a designated remote location, you may submit a Determination of Eligibility Request to your TRICARE Regional Office if you believe that one or more of the exceptions to the eligibility criteria are met:

  • Your unit is in one region, but you live in another region
  • You and your unit are in one region, but closest primary care manager is in another region
  • Geographic barriers or other unique situations exist (e.g. the drive time to the nearest military hospital or clinic exceeds one hour.)

Only the service member or the Unit Commander may request a Determination of Eligibility Request.

Last Updated 2/4/2016

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