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Health & Wellness

Learn how TRICARE can help you live a healthier life.

Don't Do It

When you quit smoking or chewing tobacco, cravings are inevitable. Whenever they strike, just remember:

Don’t smoke.
Don’t chew.
Your craving will pass.

Do go for a run, drink a glass of water, chew a mint, do 100 pushups, or walk around the block.

Do anything that will take your mind off smoking or chewing tobacco. Do whatever works for you to stay quit.

Hang in there! You are tougher than tobacco.
Slipping up can be an issue for you, whether you’re 6 days or 6 months into your quit plan. Here are a few ways to avoid slippage as you work toward staying quit for life:

  • Remind yourself of the cash you’re saving by not buying tobacco products. Add up your savings and tack the number on your wall, mirror, or wherever you’ll see it often. Don’t forget to reward yourself once in a while with that extra cash.
  • Think of the example you’re setting for others—other troops, younger brothers and sisters, your children, and other family members. By quitting smoking, you’re also helping to protect your loved ones from the poisons in secondhand smoke.
  • Notice how much better you feel now that you’ve been quit for awhile. You can breathe deeply without coughing due to smoking. You can do your physical training without falling over breathless. You can sleep without waking up your entire unit with your snoring.
  • Think about better military performance. You’ll have more stamina, your night vision will be sharper, and you’ll heal faster if you get hurt. When you quit tobacco, you improve your mission readiness.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of having to quit again if you’re tempted to start up. The first week or so after you quit smoking or chewing tobacco is usually the worst. You don’t want to go through "hell week" again, do you?
  • Remember that nobody wants to kiss a butt—a cigarette butt, that is. By quitting smoking or chewing tobacco, you’re keeping your mouth clean, fresh, and kissable.
  • The more good things you notice, the easier it will be to stay quit. If the messages above don’t work for you, make a list of your own and keep it where you used to keep your cigarettes or snuff tin. Take it out and read it whenever you feel in danger of relapse.

Last Updated 6/6/2018